Bridgeport Art Trail Pop-Up

Bridgeport Art Trail Pop-Up

263 Golden Hill Street
Bridgeport, CT
(near the painted stairway and City Lights Gallery)
Friday, November 10; 11 am to 7 pm
Saturday, November 11; 11 am to 7pm
Sunday, November 12; 11 am to 6 pm

This temporary shopping venue is located in a store front under renovation, featuring an eclectic mix of local artists and artisans. Discover the other stops on the trail in this location as it develops into a downtown art center, home to the Downtown Cabaret Theatre, New England Ballet Company, and City Lights Gallery.

Pop-Up Participating Artists:

Margaret Bodell / Save the Singers
Thanks to a REGI grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts and the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, Margaret Bodell, along with vintage sewing enthusiasts, set out to save Singer sewing machines made from the 1920-70s. Many machines were donated from attics, rescued from junk heaps, and some sourced from Stratford’s ReStore. These machines now teach people of all abilities how to sew practically and creatively. Over 50 machines and counting have been repaired and placed. The Bridgeport Art Trail is the beginning of community based sew-ins over the next months where the public will create large scale textile installations. Working with Fairfield County historical societies and museums, we will uncover the unique history and tell the story of the machine’s invention by Howe and Singer.

Ren Farnsworth
View a beautiful garden of hand crafted glass flowers. Customers may hand pick a bouquet or choose from those already arranged in small glass vases or hanging baskets. Or choose from a selection of glass flower garland necklaces. Perhaps you’d rather a whimsical fish made of reclaimed wood and copper.

Elizabeth Helling /
Abstract paintings and drawings using a variety of materials, pastel, acrylic, (including paints which reflect and play with light), glitter, and wire.

Beth Lazar
Beth is best known for her radio broadcast on WVOF 88.5 fm, presenting stimulating and relevant content about the local arts scene and community current events and concerns Beth also makes visual art and writes poetry. She is an active participant in the Bridgeport creative community.

Barbara Loss / 203-414-6967
Bridgeport: Beauty and Blight, A Tour of our City through Photographs. As a Bridgeport native, she appreciates the history, beauty and renewed vitality of her hometown. Her work has been in exhibits and publications in CT and NY. In addition, a collection of wedding photos inspired a book by the award winning Cuban poet Reina Maria Rodriguez entitled Las Fotos de la Señora Loss, 2009.

Robin Gilmore Jopp / / 203-449-2187
Robin is a mixed media artist with her main focus on “art that is made to wear” jewelry. Much of her designs evolve from connecting with found objects and broken vintage jewelry. She is a teaching artist with a specialty in repurposing and recycling to create artistic works.

Dionne Pia
Dionne Pia’s expressionistic paintings typically depict one-word subjects mined for interpretation beyond the obvious. Her subjects are a fusion of historic and contemporary culture, sidestepping cliché in an arrangement of surprising associations and new constellations of meaning.

Cynthia Lopez / 475-243-3844
Cynthia Lopez, founder and artist, produces hand crafted goods after years learning the art of jewelry creation, persistence, construction, compassion, and faith.

Tim Reimer
When I started painting in 2014, it was with a simple goal to explore colors and patterns. And to have fun while making a mess. Over time, that has led to crafting compositions around layers of bright, clashing colors, precise lines and geometric noise. Most of the work I show publicly is completed outside, and over time I’ve had to adapt different techniques and styles based on weather conditions and temperature. The “raindrop” series, for example, involves patiently waiting in various types of storms, in an attempt to capture unique patterns and moments of the falling rain.

Haleh Saadat / 203-687-9984
I was born and raised near the striking mountains of Alborz Iborz in Tehran. At 23 I left Iran. My long journey took me to Turin Italy, Vancouver Canada and finally to Connecticut in 1995. I am fortunate to know many individuals with fascinating stories, cultures, and backgrounds. Each and every one helped me to know the world and myself a bit better. This collection of my paintings represents my feelings of the moment that managed to linger on the canvas.