City Lights Gallery

City Lights & Company
265 Golden Hill Street
Bridgeport, CT
Main Gallery Hours:

Wednesday – Friday, 12 – 5 pm
Saturday, 12 pm – 4pm

City Lights Celebrates 18th Anniversary with “18 Artists” Exhibit”, Alfresco Party 4/30/22
4-7pm Alfresco patio party with outdoor garden installation by lead artist Carlos Bautista Biernnay
Give $50 to City Lights/Bridgeport Art Trail,
Choose an original handmade artwork from the installation as our gift to you.
Donate here.
Your contribution supports programs for youth, exhibits, artists and creative entrepreneurs. City Lights 18 yrs anniversary Alfresco party

Current Exhibit: 
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Adger Cowans, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Larry Morse, Absorption and Reflection at City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport Art Trail
Featuring guest artist/curator Larry Morse with Adger Cowans and Iyaba Ibo Mandingo. “We are that which we absorb and reflect.” Larry Morse

Sun 2/20/22

Artists’ Reception at City Lights Gallery 3-5:30pm
Poetry and Performance at the Bijou Theatre 6-8:30pm


BAT Weekend Gallery Hours:
Thursday, November 11; 12 pm -7:30 pm
Friday, November 12; 11:30 am – 5 pm
Saturday, November 13; 11 am -5 pm
Sunday, November 14; 12 pm -3 pm

Exhibits and programs are free and open to the public and reflect the interests and rich culture of the Park City. Programs and events bring people of diverse backgrounds together to experience art and exchange ideas, and promote our creative community.

City Lights gallery has been in operation for 13 years, recently relocated to the Golden Hill Street, joining our building neighbors, The New England Ballet Company and the Downtown Cabaret Theatre. We share a common to create a downtown arts center. Exhibits and programs are free and open to the public and reflect the interests and rich culture of the Park City, bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to experience art and exchange ideas, and to promote the our creative community.

Event: It’s Complicated Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Thursday, November 11; 5 pm -7:30 pm

Maralyn Adlin, It's Complicated exhibit City Lights gallery, Bridgeport Art Trail

Art by Maralyn Adlin

Artists: Maralyn Adlin, Carlos Bautista Biernnay, Claude Desir Jr, Dan Makara, Marcella Kurkowski, Tunde Odunlade, Mark Rich, Gerald Saladyga, Isabella Saraceni, Roxy Savage, Scott Schuldt, Joan Wheeler. Curated by Suzanne Kachmar

Fiber art, paintings, drawing, and assemblage in this exhibit contain contradictory, ambiguous content with complex imagery and compositions. Although materials and techniques vary, all artists in this exhibit practice the sincere process of artmaking, combining automatism, criticism, and plan.

This exhibit encourages the viewer to spend time with complexity and uncertainty and find meaning and beauty
from the personal interaction with the art. The show is designed to encourage that we maintain an open mind and an open heart. The exhibit runs through January 8, 2022. The show includes looking guides to enhance the viewing experience.

Mark Rich artist, It's Complicated exhibit at City Lights gallery, Bridgeport Art Trail
The Reurn by Mark Rich

From the curator:
“Creativity is messy. Life is complicated.” Curator Suzanne Kachmar suggests we practice sitting with complexity and find the beauty there. “I suggest we acknowledge that conditions, ‘facts’ and perspectives are a mash up of information, feelings, and learned bias, where more than one point of view, or logic can be true. In life and in the art in this exhibit, there is often more to a story than what we see on the surface. As we try to make sense of things, remember that existence of any form is an ever-changing battle between order and entropy. It’s complicated!”

“We are living in a time fraught with contentious polarization, hubris, disruption, and a lack of trust, that tests loyalties and exposes who we are, what we need to change and cherish. We may tend to settle with those who have similar perspectives, rather than doing the work to find the answers that are in the mess somewhere in the middle, between the extremes.”

Event: The Legacy of a Collector, Remembering Harry Laurie Through the Art He Collected

SAVE THE DATE! Friday, December 12; 2:30 pm -5:30 pm
Bridgeport Art Trail fundraiser at Paier College Berhard Center for the Arts 84 Iranistan Ave  Bpt CT

Joseph Albers, Bansky, Warhol, Christo and Jean Claude, Shepard Fairey, Collection of Harry Laurie on view at Paier Colleggge, Bridgeport Art Trail fundraiser

Bridgeport Art Trail Fundraiser at Paier College Gallery, the Arnold Bernhard Center for the Arts & Humanities 84 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport Admission $50, to purchase tickets go to bridgeport-art-trail. org/portfolio/contribute/ Collectors and curiosity-seekers can catch a preview of select works from an extensive art collection on view at this Bridgeport Art Trail fundraiser, enjoying reception fare and live music. The life of Bridgeport native, Harry Laurie and his passion for collecting art are a jumble spanning from Woodstock to a truck driving Teamster amassing an impressive collection of art and collectibles, including Josef Albers, Banksy, Alice Neel, Shepard Fairey, Robert Rauschenberg, Christo, Andy Warhol, William Wegman and the Spanish abstract painter Antoni Tapias. He was so intrigued by Tapias’ work he traveled to Spain to meet him. Artist/friend Joann Moran has the task of cataloguing the collection. She explains, “To understand the extent of Harry’s collection… it contains 157 signed Shepard Fairey prints alone.” When the pieces are auctioned and sold, a portion of sales will be donated to 2 Bridgeport arts and culture nonprofits, WPKN radio and City Lights/Bridgeport Art Trail.

Event: Annual Bridgeport Art Trail Urban Bike Tour

Saturday, November 13; 8:30 am -4:30 pm

Urban Bike Tour at City Lights Bridgeport Art Trail

Meet at City Lights Gallery, 265 Golden Hill, Bridgeport. Join us for a free bike tour of artists’ open studios along the 2021 Bridgeport Art Trail. BYOB: Bring Your Own Bike (+ money for lunch, art, donations)

BAT Bike Tour Schedule

8:30 am – Meet at City Lights Gallery for registration, coffee, and refreshments.
9:00 am – Annual group photo (at the bottom of Broad Street Steps) and then we depart for the art

Stops will include Arcade Mall, The Knowlton, American Fabric Arts Building, City Lights Vintage, and more. Urban Bike Tours of Bridgeport aims to use the bicycle to connect the dots of Bridgeport’s history and architecture while highlighting local artists, events, businesses, and activism. Throughout the year, Urban Bike Tours of Bridgeport leads free semi-monthly bike tour adventures in and out of the city of Bridgeport. Find more details and updates at Facebook: Urban Bike Tours of Bridgeport

Event: Art for Kids – Wax resist painting with Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli

Saturday, November 13; 1 am -3 pm

To better understand the process involved in making some of the art in the exhibit It’s Complicated, children learn about layering in painting through wax resist with crayon and watercolor.

Event: It’s Complicated Viewer’s Talk

Saturday, November 13; 2 pm – 3 pm

Rather than an artists’ talk, visitors are encouraged to do the talking, sharing what they see in the art on view and asking questions. Exhibit curator Suzanne Kachmar and professional storyteller Nina Lesiga host a community discussion, respecting that everyone’s point of view and interpretation are valid, encouraging participants to explore the interactive experience of viewing art and finding meaning in what they see.

Event: Saturday Virtual Writers’ Group

Saturday, November 13; 2 pm – 4 pm

Bridgeport’s Poetry Ambassador Shanna Melton hosts her bimonthly FREE writers’ workshop for poets and writers of all levels. She maintains a safe and stimulating atmosphere while facilitating writing exercises for the supportive writers’ group. Newcomers are welcome. The writers group meets the first 2 Saturdays of every month at City Lights Gallery from 2 to 4 pm.

Event: Online Open Mic with the Dragonfly Poetry Exchange

Saturday, November 13; 8 pm to 10 pm

To attend, go to Poetic Souls Arts Facebook page for FB live event.

The Dragonfly Poetry Exchange gives space on a virtual open mic for poets to celebrate the art form of poetry. There are so many talented writers and performance artists that can be highlighted along with an extended community that is woven into Bridgeport’s poetry scene. Our host and creator, Shanna T. Melton ran Lyrical Voices, a local poetry venue with a community that has existed for 18 years. The Dragonfly Poetry Exchange is an extension of that beautiful energy.

Bridgeport Art Trail storytelling exchange with Nina Lesiga

The Bridgeport Art Trail Story Exchange

Free, online Storytelling meets the 1st Thursday of the month, from 7-9 pm, led by the popular professional storyteller Nina Lesiga and sponsored by the Bridgeport Art Trail. To learn more and access the Zoom registration link go to, bridgeport-art-trail. org/ninas-story-exchange/ Questions? Email:

City Lights Gallery /Bridgeport Art Trail began this storytelling initiative during the 2020 Bridgeport Art Trail to recognize the power of the oral storytelling tradition as an art form. Storyteller Nina Lesiga explains, “Stories make us feel, spark understanding and connect us to others. It’s been an honor to hear stories from Storytelling Exchange participants in Bridgeport and from across the United States who want to connect by sharing of stories!” What kind of stories? Any kind – personal, historic, fictional, or folk. Tellers of all experience levels and listeners join to share an entire story, a part of a story, a story idea or just listen. Nina maintains a welcoming and respectful atmosphere. Participants can test out a story and request help and feedback as they develop a piece.