Artists of The American Fabrics Arts Building

2nd Floor

Roxanne Faber Savage, #201
Visual artist, master teaching artist/instructor, prints, paintings, installations, commission.
Work for sale: miniature prints and prints on silk, paper, and metal. Ask me about private instruction & ARTLAB workshops!

William P. Duffy, #203
Landscape, urban and coastal painting. In studio and plein aire painting instruction.

Crystal Heiden, #204
Drawings, photography, embroidery, sculpture, and plants that all need new homes. Special guest artist Michelle John will have paintings and drawings.

Caroline Valites, #204
Photography, installation, and sculpture

Lesley Koenig Fine Art, #208
Contemporary Painter
Abstracted original works and commissions to beautify your personal or corporate environment.

Ayn Kraven, #213
Acrylic and oil abstract painting and mixed media

Douglas Healey, #214
Photojournalist covering breaking news in the NY metropolitan area, based in NYC since 1974 and Westport, CT 1990.

3rd Floor

Melissa McClure / Jewelry Alchemy, #302
Goldsmith hand forging in 18K gold

Thomas Mezzanotte, #306
Photography, alternative photographic practices
203- 520-4765

Susan Newbold, #304
Drawing, painting, printmaking, and bookmaking. I teach classes in all four of these media in my studio.

Ulla Surland Design, #307
Interior, furniture & fashion design

Kvon Photography, #308
Commercial, advertising photography

Richard Killeaney / Ocheltree Design, #309
Recycled organic home accessories

Emily Larned, #310
Impractical Labor (ILSSA), Alder & Frankia, Studio RCHQ.
Publishing as artistic practice; socially engaged graphic design; non-commercial letterpress and risograph printing.

4th Floor

Denyse Schmidt Quilts, #401
Sample quilts for discerning collectors; fabric, patterns, books, stationery, and other supplies for sewists, makers, crafters, and quilters

Judith Corrigan / Studio 4, #402
Figurative and Abstract Paintings in Acrylic and Mixed Media

Holly Hawthorn, #402
Porcelain, mixed media, monotype prints

Deborah Dutko / Wabi Sabi, #402
Unlimited art, currently exploring ceramics.

Linn Cassetta, #403
Design consultation: interiors, apparel, footwear, and tabletop; color consultation; decorative painting: fine faux finishes and trompe l’oeil; exploration of eggs in multiple mediums

Linda Colletta, #404
Abstract Artist

Hans Neleman, #406
Assemblages, paintings, and photography

Brechin Morgan, #408
Marine and nautical paintings
Special discount on small works

Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong, # 410
Modernist ceramic sculpture & functional ceramics

Janet Slom Studio, #411
Paintings, drawings, ceramics