Misencik Photography

Jay Misencik & Geralene Valentine at AFII
203-268-8306 / misencik.images@gmail.com

The Bridgeport Portrait Project is a photo/audio/video documentary style, cultural heritage project that introduces you to the people who are Bridgeport.

It was 1989 . . . Jay & Geralene began photographing the people of
Bridgeport. They photographed people with different occupations on
Bridgeport’s Main Street. They photographed clients at The Thomas
Merton House of Hospitality. They photographed people who had a
connection to the shuttered Palace and Majestic theatres in Bridgeport’s
Since 2014, Jay and Geralene have been working on The Bridgeport
Portrait Project. It is an ongoing, documentary style, photography, and
storytelling project. The people photographed and the stories they tell,
explain why Bridgeport is so much more than just a place.
As for everyone, COVID-19 has minimized Jay and Geralene’s participation
in the 2020 Art Trail. Their only real presence is a series of posters in a
downtown storefront window at the corner of Fairfield Avenue and Broad
Street. Included on one poster are QR Codes, each of which will take you
to “stories” from their Bridgeport Portrait Project.
To participate in or comment about The Bridgeport Portrait Project, please
contact Jay and Geralene . . . misencik.images@gmail.com