Greater BPT Pride

Bridgeport Pride

Greater Bridgeport Pride Celebration Schedule

Festivities include a mix of virtual, recorded, and on-site activities featuring the art exhibit opening of ‘OUTwork’ at City Lights gallery, and the annual Pride Variety show broadcast.

Enjoy a mixture of online and video broadcasted programs and an actual event at City Lights Gallery and the nearby patio, and using Facebook live.  A 10 yr retrospective variety show follows, being broadcasted from Sound View Community Media Inc, public access TV,
and LiveStream. Attendance at the gallery will be monitored for occupancy of visitors to facilitate physical distancing. Facemask is required to enter. Admission is free.  

Celebrate 10 yrs, Thursday, July 16, 2020
6-8:30 pm OUTwork exhibit reception at City Lights Gallery, limited admission, face mask required 
5:30-10 pm   Facebook Live 5:30-9:30 pm
10-11 pm Pride Variety show broadcast from Sound View Media Inc. Public Access TV and Live Stream,
You can catch the show at:
Public Access Channel
Bridgeport, Stratford, Fairfield
Channel 88 Cablevision
Channel 6016 Frontier
Milford, Orange Woodbridge
Channel 77 Cablevision
Channel 6078 Frontier
Live Streaming (click WATCH SV TV LIVE)
Facebook LIVE
and TREVI Lounge in Fairfield CT

OUTwork exhibiting artists include: Xavier Alvarez, Mario Baez, Carlos Bautista Biernay, Lester Blum, Marianna Calvao, Lilia Calvao, Marietta Capoblanco, Darron Copeland, Kevin Cox, Luis Dominguez, Daniel Eugene, Doloers Degage Hopkins, Don Houston, Max Kali, Luis Lopez, David Messner, Ricky Mestre, Victor Pigoretti, Valerie Rhodes 

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Read about Ricky Mestre, founder of the Bridgeport Pride art exhibit

Looking Back Over 10 Years
Looking back and realizing we are in our 10th year is an amazing thing. When I first approached Suzanne Kachmar at the City Lights Gallery about an LGBTQ themed show I really didn’t think it would become an annual thing at the time. . .
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CCity Lights was honored with a Dorothy Award by New Haven Pride Center, for making a 10yr anniversary of Greater Bridgeport Pride.  

A drag queen dressed up as the yellow brick road. More than one pair of sparkling red slippers made an appearance. The dance floor was rarely empty. Throughout the night, toasts flowed to an organization—and a community—that has grown exponentially in the last three years.
Check out the article here.

Proud moment for Bridgeport Connecticut as they raise the rainbow flag to commemorate LGBTQ+ pride month.

City of Bridgeport, CT – Government City Council Official Citation for LGBT Pride Month signed by Council President Aidee Nieves.

SAMESEX Braves The Rain

The rain didn’t stop us last year, COVID won’t stop us this year!


The skies opened up and the flash mob got cancelled. The march turned into an umbrella-clad stroll. The dressing room flooded. Drag queens worried about melty, smudged makeup and braved puddles in very high heels. But the show went on. There was never a question that it would. Check out the rest of the story here!

Highlights from the 10 exhibits of Bridgeport Pride Art, shown at City Lights Gallery.

Artwork by: Sue Czark
Artwork by: Andrew Graham
Victor Trevino of Ballet Eloelle
Artwork by: Ricky Mestre
SameSex Bpt Pride Variety Show, Final Bow