URSA Gallery

Arcade Mall
1001 Main Street, Suite 23, Bridgeport CT 06604
Instagram: @ursa.gallery
Facebook: /ursa.gallery

From Brooklyn to Bridgeport. URSA is an experiential gallery showcasing modern art and design. URSA is founded by Bridgeport-based artist Cris Dam and is conceived in collaboration with architect Dustin Malstrom.

Event: The Coral Reef Principle Exhibit

Saturday, November 13; 12 pm to 6 pm
A coral reef is both the world’s largest organism, as well as the largest undesigned structure in the world. It is a complimentary biosphere whereby every component makes it possible for each other to survive without modifying its own needs. There is no master architect because it literally builds and maintains itself once all the correct conditions exist. It is this concept or “principle” that URSA wants to mirror in this exhibition. The eco group was created to become the world’s first art community solely focused on climate change, and all of the economic and social disruptions that attach to this global crisis. Eco was formed to include not only visual artists, but writers, designers, poets, and creators of all types interested in developing a sustainable way to make and promote their works, and to begin a conversation concerning the ethical and environmental issues attached to the global art market. The show features over 50 artists from the US and around the worldincluding Finland, Argentina, France, Italy, Greece, Africa, and the UK. While this event is an ambitious beginning, we are most eager to begin the process of aggregating other already built eco-focused art groups thus engineering a virtual “coral reef” of like-minded entities all sharing resources, information, and funding possibilities. Thus, the concept of a self-organized, and self-generating structure that maintains individual needs while also “feeding information” back into the whole is our ultimate goal. This exhibition is the first step in creating a “living” organic community of like-minded artists and citizens united to begin a process of addressing global climate change and all the associated economic and social justice issues related to it.

Event: The Art and Music of Ken Butler at the Bijou #14

The art of Ken Butler in this exhibit at URSA Gallery closes out the Bridgeport Art Trail weekend celebration on a high note. He will perform music with his instruments created from found objects at the Bijou Theatre. “..a crazy instrument builder who can get virtuoso riffs from anything.” —The Village Voice See more at listing #14