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February 2023, Meet Jason Coombs!

Jason Coombs on Saturday Night Live with Cecily Strong
Jason Coombs on Saturday Night Live with Cecily Strong, Dec 2022

Featuring Jason A. Coombs is long overdue. He is a filmmaker and a contributor to this BAT newsletter, founder/director of the Bridgeport Film Fest, co-producer of Crabby Cabaret, and Chair of the Outreach committee for Greater Bridgeport Pride, hosts a monthly broadcast on WPKN radio, 89.5 and that’s just what he does in Bridgeport! He is a talented, amiable, driven artist from Bridgeport who has a studio at the NEST Arts Factory. He is actively involved in the Bridgeport arts and works on projects that have a national and international footprint. Recent career highlights include an appearance on Saturday Night Live, in the Holiday-Themed “Big Boy” digital short sketch, which included dancing backup for Pop Star Sza and a featured appearance with Cecily Strong and Keke Palmer.

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See SNL “Big Boys” with Jason A. Coombs, Keke Pepe, Sza, Cecily Strong  


Video: Artists’ Talks Made for the BAT during the Covid shutdown 2020.

Artists’ interviews debuted daily. Just imagine you have a glass of wine, the art is on the walls and you are mingling with artists listening in on a casual chat, a combo of friendly discussion and some art talk. These are the insightful conversations that take place at art receptions which only a few have the opportunity to catch. These interviews will be archived on the Bridgeport Art Trail website.  

Thurs 11/5
Ayn Kraven
Lynn Casetta
Adger Cowans

Fri 11/6
Kate Eisemann
Mila Lanfranco
Holly Hawthorn
Brec Morgan
Mary Dwyer
Crystal Heiden
Liz Squillace
Cris Dam
Looketha, Marcella Cavalliere

Sat 11/7 
Tom Mezzanotte
Iyaba Ibo Mandingo
Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli
Clymenza Hawkins
Jeanine Brown

Sun 11/08
We Are Artists” Inspirational Words by Rev Ina Anderson
Black Rock Arts Guild  Art & Poetry
Bryan Larney
Iyaba Ibo Mandingo

Tue 11/10
Rick Reyes

Wed 11/11
(The Knowlton Wall
Shiran Nicholson
Jenna Morello
John Paul O’Grodnick

Thu 11/12
Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli
Rick Shaefer

Fri 11/13
Art and Design with Terri Smith and American Fabrics artists

Sat 11/14
Body Painting with Alicia Cobb
Rick Reyes: Fabric Chronicles
Rick Shaefer: Studio Talk
Denise Susalka: Studio Talk 

Sun 11/15
Color Fields: Studio Talk
Russell Miyaki: Studio Talk
Shanna T. Melton(Spoken Word Open Mic, Poetic Souls)