Pre-recorded artists’ interviews will be debuted daily. Just imagine you have a glass of wine, the art is on the walls and you are mingling with artists listening in on a casual chat, a combo of friendly discussion and some art talk. These are the insightful conversations that take place at art receptions which only a few have the opportunity to catch. These interviews will be archived on the Bridgeport Art Trail website.  

Thurs 11/5
Ayn Kraven
Lynn Casetta
Adger Cowans

Fri 11/6
Kate Eisemann
Mila Lanfranco
Holly Hawthorn
Brec Morgan
Mary Dwyer
Crystal Heiden
Liz Squillace
Cris Dam
Looketha, Marcella Cavalliere

Sat 11/7 
Tom Mezzanotte
Iyaba Ibo Mandingo
Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli
Clymenza Hawkins
Jeanine Brown

Sun 11/08
We Are Artists” Inspirational Words by Rev Ina Anderson
Black Rock Arts Guild  Art & Poetry
Bryan Larney
Iyaba Ibo Mandingo

Tue 11/10
Rick Reyes

Wed 11/11
(The Knowlton Wall
Shiran Nicholson
Jenna Morello
John Paul O’Grodnick

Thu 11/12
Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli
Rick Shaefer

Fri 11/13
Art and Design with Terri Smith and American Fabrics artists

Sat 11/14
Body Painting with Alicia Cobb
Rick Reyes: Fabric Chronicles
Rick Shaefer: Studio Talk
Denise Susalka: Studio Talk 

Sun 11/15
Color Fields: Studio Talk
Russell Miyaki: Studio Talk
Shanna T. Melton(Spoken Word Open Mic, Poetic Souls)