Artist of the month: Ina Anderson


What can attendees expect from this event?

If this were post Covid we would be at the Armstrong Gallery at the Knowlton having a full blown Cultural Event. Food, decorations, music and vendors would have been Emerging Voices gifts to the community. So we are having a virtual celebration of Black Excellence with a program of Community. Many of the speakers, and performers will be community participants as well as a recorded videos from friends that live in Brooklyn, NY and New Jersey. as well as a black history contest and prize giveaways.

Why incorporate this event into Black History Month?
This year’s theme is “Ujima, Uplifting Our Community” and if it sounds familiar you know it to be a principle of Kwanzaa which is celebrated on December 26th – January 1st. My idea for pulling this principle into now is that those principles were created to be practiced all year round and not just on those 7 days. Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday nor it does not replace Christmas.

How has the Covid-19 impacted your art and connection with the community?
Covid- 19 has impacted all of our communities hard, especially the Black and Brown communities. Live theater has changed a lot but we learn what other modes of transmissions are out there and make it work. Live recordings, streaming, Zoom, YouTube, FaceBook Live, it’s a lot out there to learn and keep up with until we can get back to gathering in groups.  So you get creative to stay in touch with the community and produce online.


Anything else you’d like to share?
I am always looking forward to the adventures and possibilities that await us here at Emerging Voices Production, LLC.





Ina Anderson wrote and performed the inspiarional words for this multi-media piece produced by Fuzz Sangiovanni, who compsoed the soundtrack and engineered and edited the video production.  Click here.