Artist of the Month: Will Corprew of 80 Design

McLevy Hall
202 State Street,  Suite 205
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Q. What medium do you work in?
A. Due to the size of the portraits and layers of color applied to build up the initial image, I tend to use house paint in combination with acrylic and aerosol. In essence the three mediums combined give my work the movement and color variations shaping the characteristics of my styleQ. What is your process like
A. I usually work in parts and sections that create a complete image. It’s similar to the concept of a puzzle or paint by numbers with no numbers. The canvas prep is vital for layering and creating the correct base for transferring the image. I think of it as a ground up approach like building a house or structure.Q. What inspires you?
A. I’m often inspired by unusual photographs of people. I find a lot of the images I work from on various social media platforms. The colorful aspects of the process are definitely influenced by the abstract yet repetitious qualities of African fabrics and textiles. I’m also influenced by the structural quality of architecture and woodworking.Q. How do you think you’ve changed or developed as an artist?
A. I have a range of interest in various aspects of art and design. Part of my progression as an artist has been concentration. I like to create solid bodies of works that have a rhythm or cohesive direction.

Q. Can you tell me about your space at McLevy Hall and your programming plans for Bridgeport Art Trail weekend?
A. The space at McLevy has been a beautiful stage for design and creative inspiration. As an artist and designer, I have a great appreciation for the architecture and layout of the property. I plan to introduce the studio/showroom to the public offering art, design consultation and a collection of mid-century and modern furniture.